Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quotations on Chance


How slight a chance may raise or sink a soul! m. Bailey—Festu-s. A Country Town.

Perhaps it may turn out a sang,
Perhaps turn out a sermon.
n. Burns—Epistle to a Young Friend.

L. 909.

Next him high arbiter Chance governs all. o. Milton—Paradise Lost. Bk. II.

Or that power

Which erring men call chance. p. Milton—Comus. L. 587.

Chance is blind and is the sole author of

creation. q. J. X. B. Saintine—Picciola. Ch. III.

Discouragement seizes us only when we can no longer count on chance. r. Geoboes Sand—Handsome Lawrence.

Ch. II.

Chance will not do the work—Chance sends

the breeze;

But if the pilot slumber at the helm,
The very wind that wafts us towards the port
May dash us on the shelves.—The steersman's

part is vigilance, Blow it or rough or smooth. >. Scon—Fortunes of Nigel. Ch. XXII.

Against ill chances men are ever merry;
But heaviness foreruns the good event.
t. Henry IV. Pt. II. Act IV. So. 2.

L. 82.

But as the unthoughton accident is guilty
To what we wildly do, so we profess
Ourselves to be the slaves of chance, and flies
Of every wind that blows.
u. Winter's Tale. Act IV. Sc. 4. L. 549.

I shall show the cinders of my spirits
Through the ashes of my chance.
v. Antony and Cleopatra. Act V. Sc. 2.

L. 173.

And grasps the skirts of happy chance,
And breasts the blows of circumstance.
w. Tennyson—/» Memoriam. Pt. LXIV.

A lucky chance, that oft decides the fate
Of mighty monarchs.
x. Thomson—The Seasons. Summer.

L. 1,285.

Chance is a word void of sense; nothing can exist without a cause. y. Voltaire—A Philosophical Dictionary.

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